About us

We love to innovate through technology.

Votechimp was founded by two German entrepreneurs named Maximilian Hille and Ulf Kuhn. Our advisors are the industry influencers Leonard Murphy and Gregg Archibald.

Why we started Votechimp

We think current panels are broken. They suffer from problems like professional survey-takers, bots, an older and non-representative sample of our population, and a lack of transparency. With a changing society and the shift from desktop usage to mobile usage, there is room for a new platform: Votechimp. We not only want to repair the survey panel market, but we also want to give small- and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to conduct market research for a fraction of the usual costs through our DIY panel.

Votechimp on the IIEX

We presented our product at the IIEX in Atlanta and the IIEX in Lima, both industry-wide accepted meeting points for innovators and thinkers of the market research industry. At the insight innovation competition, Votechimp achieved a placing in the top 5 of the most innovative startups of the industry.

Our team

Max Hille – IT Engineering

max-hilleMax is an experienced IT engineer with a focus on Android development and machine learning. Some of his projects included the creation of the car2go app (a car-sharing program for Mercedes and Daimler).





Ulf Kuhn – Marketing, Sales

ulf-kuhnUlf represents Votechimp in the United States and Latin America. In his career, he was a leading thinker in poker theory and created models and strategies for some of the best players in the world. By creating, analyzing and interpreting quantitative statistics about betting patterns, he became one of Europe’s best players.


Gregg Archibald – Strategic Advisor


“One key to good business is understanding that the consumer really does know what they want – and they live their life in that manner. An intimate consumer perspective lets us apply that understanding to products, services, distribution, pricing and branding.

Our ability to gather information, analyze information, and tell the compelling story has gone through change like we have never seen before. The information age is here, still a toddler, and wreaking havoc on the noble truths.”

Leonard Murphy – Strategic Advisor


Leonard “Lenny” Murphy has been in the Market Research industry for over a decade in various senior level roles, most notably as CEO of full service agency Rockhopper Research, CEO of tech-driven start-up BrandScan360, and Senior Partner of strategic consultancy Gen2 Advisors.