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List of conducted studies by Votechimp

Music is Life
Would you rather listen to Country Music or Rap Music?
Your favorite song comes on in the grocery store, what do you do?
Would you rather be in a heavy metal band or boy band?
Is Punk Rock Dead?
Kanye West asks you to feature in a song with him, what do you do?
You can only listen to one band for the rest of your life, who is?
You walk in and your child singing Justin Bieber, what do you do?
Choose, You get a million dollars or Nickelback never plays music again.
Lil Wayne or Drake?
Is Iggy Azalea a good rapper?
How many hours do you sleep?
Where is your favorite place to sleep?
What puts you to sleep?
What’s the first thing you do if someone wakes you up?
Could you sleep thru an entire day?
Light or Heavy sleeper?
Do you prefer a stiff or loose bed?
What is your favorite music to fall asleep to?
If you were given the gift to fall asleep when ever would you take it?
Your bed is covered with bugs but you’re exhausted. Would you still fall asleep on it?
Heavy Drinking
What’s the most you’ve drank in one day?
What’s your go to drink?
It’s 2AM you’re hammered drunk and 30 miles away from your house. Your ex offers you a ride home.
Bartender tells you you can drink for free all night if you let him punch you in the face.
Dark or light beer?
How many shots can you do before throwing up?
You can only have one alcoholic drink for the rest of your life, what is it?
You’re at the bar and the ugliest person in there buys you a drink. How do you react?
You have Rum, bananas, coconut milk, and ice. What type of drink do you make?
It’s last call, what’s your nightcap going to be?
The Future
Do you believe the future will be better or worse than now?
Do you think we will be able to cure cancer in 30 years from now?
Do you believe we will become a multi-planet species?
Do you fear that one day a robot will do your job?
Do you think the difference between the rich and poor will grow?
What’s the most probable reason for the death of mankind?
Will people still eat animals in 50 years from now?
Will you visit outer space in your lifetime?
When do you think robots will beat humans in soccer?
Do you fear that robots will become more intelligent than humans?
Will sex robots replace prostitutes?
Daily Habits
Do you wash white and colored clothes separately?
How often do you brush your teeth?
What do you use first: Floss or Toothbrush?
Do you fold or crumple toilet paper?
Do you drink coffee or tea in the morning?
Do you clean your genitals with soap or only water?
Do you use an alarm to wake up in the morning?
How often do you poop?
Do you prefer showering or bathing?
Do you smoke?
Do you have a morning ritual
Do you read actual paper newspapers on a daily basis?
Do you check your Facebook every day?
Are there any songs with your name in them?
Who was better?
Piano or Violin?
What kind of music do you hate most?
Do you HATE Miley Cyrus?
Do you play an instrument?
Do you believe it’s wrong to pirate music?
What do you think of mainstream music nowadays?
Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus? (musicwise)
Is dubstep music or noise?
Who is the best white Rapper?
Queen or Led Zeppelin?
Do you like to listen to the same music in the gym as you do at home?
Does music help you to concentrate?
Animal Lovers
Cats or Dogs?
Would you ever own a spider as a pet?
You can have any animal as a pet, what animal would you choose?
Do you love your pet more than most people?
Would you ever own a pig as a pet?
You have a Parrot as a pet, what’s the first sentence you teach it to say?
Would you rather own a monkey or a penguin?
If you could live in the Rain Forest with all the animals would you?
Would you rather ride on a horse or an elephant?
What is your favorite type of bear?
If you spot someone you’d hooked up with randomly at a bar another time, do you hide or say hi?
If you met someone on an app do you tell your friends?
After a hookup do you want your partner to leave right after?
Do you sext with your hookups?
Do you feel weird if a friend hooks up with one of your past flings?
Have you ever hooked up with a friend’s former hookup?
Do you use an app for hookups?
What’s the best pickup line?
If you go on a date, do you bring condoms?
Are you more adventurous with a random hookup than a close partner?
Did you have a childhood dream?
What would you change about your childhood?
What should you have invested more time into?
Were you popular in school?
Are you still in touch with childhood friends?
How many friends did you have when you were 12?
Do you remember the first boy or girl you liked?
If you remember him/her, do you have him/her in your friends on Facebook?
When was your first kiss?
Which day did you look forward to the most?
Did you get into any physical fights in your childhood?
Which type of school did you go to?
Do you think childhood is the happiest time of your life?
Bottoms Up!
How do you drink alcohol?
Did you start drinking before the age of 21?
Of the following choices, what is your favorite brand of beer?
Which drink do you think you are the most like?
What is the best snack to go along with alcohol?
Do you play drinking games at parties?
What do you mix your liquor with?
Which would you prefer?
Do you consider a mimosa a breakfast treat?
Of the following, which is your favorite liqueur?
What is your favorite kind of wine?
In a “boilermaker??? you chase whiskey with?
What type of drunk are you?
After a long night of drinking have you ever woken up beside someone you did not know?
If you could have only one cocktail again for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Should undocumented immigrants have a path to citizenship?
Have immigrants had a positive or negative influence on American culture in the last 20 years?
Do you think the US should build a wall on the Mexican border?
Should America accept more or fewer Syrian refugees?
Should Muslims be banned from entering the US?
Did you know 18% of all small business owners in the US are immigrants?
Did you know that 1 out of 8 Americans was born outside of the US?
Do you think some of the Syrian refugees entering the US are terrorists?
Should America deport undocumented immigrants?
Are you or your parents immigrants?
Dirty Questions
Who do you bang?
How crazy are you in bed?
Are you happy with your sex life?
How often do you have sex?
How do you like to do it with someone new?
Do you like giving oral sex?
Would you like to watch two women goin’ at it?
How often do you watch porn?
Have you had a threesome?
Have you ever used sex toys?
Are you into anal sex?
Do you use condoms?
When did you lose your virginity?
Would you prefer living polyamorously?
How many different sex partners have you had?
Does oral sex count as “sex”?
Have you ever hooked up with somebody you met online?
What is most important in having great sex?
Gun Control
Have you ever fired a gun?
Do you or does anyone in your household own a gun?
Are you in favor of stricter gun control laws?
Do you think stricter laws would help prevent gun violence?
Should gun owners be required to obtain a license?
Do you favor or oppose a federal law requiring background checks on all potential gun buyers?
Do you believe assault weapons should be banned?
Why do you think the Second Amendment was written?
Do you think shooting’s fun?
Do you consider yourself a…
Are you in a relationship?
How often do you have sex?
What’s your orientation?
Have you ever cheated on your partner?
Would you take back an ex that cheated on you?
Do you want to marry?
Would you marry someone who already has kids?
Would you marry someone your parents hate?
Do you want to have kids?
Would you prefer living polyamorously?
If you met yourself, would you like that person?
Are you happy with the person you are?
Are you proud with what you’ve done with your life?
Do you feel like your life has purpose?
Do you meditate?
Do you play sports?
Which kind of life do you prefer?
What’s more important to you?
Do you have regrets?
Do you read a lot?
On a scale from 1-5, how happy are you?
Do you pee in the shower?
Would you eat an earthworm for $1000?
Do you look in the toilet after taking a poop?
Would you walk through town buck-naked for $100.000 and a get-out-of-jail card?
Do you like the sensation of farting when you’re alone?
Did you ever “forget” to shower for 3 days?
Have you ever had any sexually transmitted diseases? (Swipe to skip)
Did someone ever tell you your breath stinks?
Have you ever urinated public?
Do you pick your nose on a regular basis?
Would you rather
Would you rather…
Would you rather…
Would you rather…
Would you rather…
Would you rather…
Would you rather…
Would you rather…
Would you rather…
Would you rather…
Would you rather…
Would you rather…
Would you rather…
Would you rather…
Would you rather…
Would you rather…
Face Reading
Who would you trust more with your money?
Who do you think is smarter?
Who can bake better cookies?
Who had a tougher life?
Which girl do you trust more?
Who is a convicted rapist?
Who’s a convicted serial killer?
Fun Questions
Did you know every 10th hamster is a homosexual?
A UN report says insects could be the food of the future. Could you live in an all bug-diet world?
Do you like your nose?
A man grabs a sandwich out of your hands and eats it!
Would you rather be able to…?
Would you spend a day as the opposite gender to see what it’s like?
Do you pee standing or sitting?
Have you tried to perform oral sex on yourself? 
Can you touch with your tongue your nose?
You just tried it, right?
Now are you laughing?
Do you want to marry?
Were your parents married?
Do you think marriage is the most important way to prove your commitment to someone?
Did you know that 50 percentage of marriages end in divorce?
Would you marry someone that’s already divorced?
Do you wish your parents had a better marriage?
Would you marry for financial or visa reasons?
Do you think pre-nuptial agreements are important?
Would you marry someone who is 20-years older than you?
Do you think children suffer if their parents aren’t married?
Do you support same-sex marriage?
What makes you sadder, the death of 1000 baby penguins, or one baby human?
Would you save the life of a starving child for $20,000 of your own money?
Do you give to charity?
Is there someone you would kill if you knew you would get away with it?
Would you steal from a billion-dollar corporation if you could get away with it?
Would you give your own life to save the lives of 1000 strangers?
Do you always keep your word?
Would you club a baby seal for $100,000?
Is it okay to water-board suspected terrorists to get valuable information?
What is more acceptable to steal from: the federal government or a major corporation?
Would you leave your home country for $1 million?
Would you still eat meat if you had to kill the animals yourself?
An enormous fat guy approaches the empty seat next to you. What are you thinking?
You get married, and within a year your spouse gains a bunch of weight
What should be the bigger news story?
Would you take away 50% of the net worth of all billionaires and give the money to the poor?
Do you try to avoid sugar?
What do you think about organic food?
Which diet works best?
How could you improve your diet?
What do you prefer?
Do you throw away food once it’s reached its expiration date?
What do you prefer for breakfast?
What do you think about a vegetarian diet?
How knowledgeable are you regarding nutrition?
Are you in shape?
Are you happy with your body weight?
What’s most important to you?
Are your grandparents still alive?
Do you have a good relationship with your siblings?
Are your parents proud of you?
Are you grateful to your parents?
What would you prefer?
Do you ask your parents for advice?
Did you grow up with a dog?
Were your parents strict?
How many people live in your household?