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  • delivery within 72 hours
  • 100% free (no hidden costs or setup fees)
  • For USA, Mexico and Peru

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why free?

Our customers are happy with our service and tend to buy bigger studies from us after the free pilot.

Where are the hidden costs?

We give out a free 100-complete pilot. That means we ask 100 people in your targeted country up to 10 questions. There are no hidden costs.

What if I have special targeting needs?

Contact us! Give us as much information as possible about your goals and get a customized offer within 24 hours.

Where are you located?

Both of our founders are German. We are located in Hamburg, Germany and New York.

What makes you different from other panels?

We are transparent: All responses come from our own mobile panel.

We are competitive: Pricing starts at $1 per complete after free trial.

We are easy to use: Create your own questionnaire within 15 minutes.

Read more about how we conduct data

Why should I trust your data?

Transparency. Download our app and see how, where and when we conduct our studies.

Why mobile?

We don't see a lot of people with landlines or speaking to market research agents on the street. Mobile is the most representative way to conduct market research. Mobile research is the future.

I'm an agency, how can we work together?

Smaller market research agencies can differentiate their service by offering mobile research and location-based surveys to their clients. Contact us for more information!

Are you a market research agency?

Yes and no. We focus on creating awesome technology to make market research faster, cheaper and more reliable.

I'm a small business, does market research make sense for us?

Contact us at .

How fast can you deliver?

We deliver a report within 72 hours.

How do you keep your panel clean?

We delete suspicious users that give seemingly random answers.

Can you do surveys in the moment (GPS targeted surveys)?

Yes, if your stores are bigger than 120 square meters and you give us two weeks to prepare.

Where are your users coming from?

We have several channels. Our biggest channels are invites and app-shares from our users. Contact us for more detailed information!

Do you have a panel book?

Yes, contact us for more information.

Do I have to sign a contract?


Can I get several free pilots?

No, only one pilot per person or business.

Why does this website not look like a normal company website?

Because we are engineers and don't want to waste money on a sales team. We are passionate about technology that gets you results -- fast, cheap and hassle-free.