Our panel

How we conduct data

All of our data comes through our mobile app. As soon as a client publishes a study, our users get a push notification that informs them about it. The user answers the question, and within 30 minutes, the results are downloadable on our server.

We publish entertaining surveys about things like sports, ethics, sex and other controversial topics on a regular basis. Our users can see how other people voted, where they fit in in society and share studies they are passionate about with their friends. We create a more authentic and intuitive environment through gamification, user-friendly surveys and a limitation in questions per survey.

Our technology is crowd-based and mobile only. We are active in the USA, Mexico and Peru.


How we get panelists

Our main channel for panelists is invitations and app shares. We reward our users for social media shares and invites. In contrast to other panels, we don’t work with affiliates, so we have a better overview of where our users are coming from and why they register with us.



Panel information USA:

Male: 59%

Female: 41%

0-20 years old: 20%

21-32 years old: 52%

33+ years old: 28%


High school or less: 55%

Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree: 40%

Master’s or Ph.D.: 5%


Parents: 33%

Non-parents: 67%


Spends 0-$1500/month: 63%

Spends $1500-$3000/month: 31%

Spends $3000+/month: 6%


Panel information Mexico:

Male: 66%

Female: 34%

0-20 years old: 15%

21-31 years old: 67%

32+ years old: 19%



Educación secundaria o menos: 26%

Licenciatura o Técnico Superior Universitario: 69%

Maestria o Ph. D.: 5%


parents: 48%

non-parents: 52%



Spends $0-400/month: 51%

Spends $401-1000/month: 39%

Spends $1000+/month: 9%


Panel information Peru:

Male: 59%

Female: 40%

0-20 years old: 14%

21-31 years old: 66%

32+ years old: 18%

Educación secundaria o menos: 26%

Licenciatura o Técnico Superior Universitario: 69%

Maestria o Ph. D.: 4%

parents: 48%

non-parents: 51%

Spends $0-400/month: 51%

Spends $401-1000/month: 39%

Spends $1000+/month: 8%